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It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day operations of your company or marketing department and lose sight of an overall strategy to grow your business. I help you step back and “think big”. Whether you want to take a strategic look at your overall business, a specific industry or geographic segment, or analyze the competitive landscape, I can provide the information you need, more quickly, without disrupting on-going operations. 
  • Strategic Marketing Plans
  • Market Analysis Reports
  • Competitive Analysis Reports

B2B Marketing Source understands your needs are unique, taking time to listen to your specific needs, and then delivering your unique solution.

Consulting services encompass both strategic and tactical needs in three categories:
I help businesses get their lead generation into high gear using social media, e-mail and content marketing. Whether you need a LinkedIn page, the ability to do e-mail campaigns, or the content to drive it all, I can provide lead generation and nurturing strategies and tactics. For example, I can provide content marketing and social media marketing plans that integrate with your overall lead generation and nurturing strategies. I can set up and implement e-mail marketing campaigns to nurture leads toward being sales ready leads.

Too much to write and too few capable or willing writers? I provide well written and compelling content that puts your lead generation into high gear.
  • White Papers                      Case Studies
  • Brochures                           Newsletters
  • Sales Tools                         Literature
  • E-books                              Website Copy
  • Articles                               Blog Content
There’s no doubt your marketing department works hard, but what about working smart? An outside perspective is invaluable to review and improve sales and marketing operations business processes. I also provide project management of CRM and Marketing Automation(MA) software system implementations and utilization audits to ensure you’re getting the most out of your software investment. Why not treat your marketing data like the important corporate asset that it is. A data quality process audit can significantly improve campaign effectiveness by reducing opt outs, improving outbound deliverability, reducing lead generation costs, and enhancing analysis and reporting capabilities. 
  • Marketing Operations/Business Process Reviews
  • CRM and MA System Implementation Management
  • CRM and MA System Utilization Audits
  • Marketing Data Quality Process Audits
Whether you need a small writing assignment or a large end-to-end project, let B2B Marketing Source be your extra resource. Call for a free consultation.